Thursday, December 10, 2009

The TV Killed Me Last Night...

Any time I am feeling particularly emotional over something I feel the need to post, the need to share my highs and lows. Last night I experienced one of each: a high and a low. And I am just not sure how I feel about it this morning. I think that even though the high was a good one, it has been overshadowed by the extreme low. So, I will deliver the bad news first:

My favorite - FAVORITE - dancer of all time on SYTYCD was kicked off last night. Why do they do it to me?! I called in. I voted. Every week!! I can't believe that America didn't vote to keep Legacy, the most awesome b-boy in SYTYCD history, on for the finale.

You know, Ryan and Ashleigh were ok. They'd gotten better. They'd grown on me. But, SERIOUSLY?! Just because Ryan tried to be all chivalrous and asked the fans to vote for his wife instead of him is no reason to keep him on the show if his dancing wasn't as good as someone else's. And though I wasn't quite as devastated about Mollee being voted off, I am still a little annoyed. She danced her ass off on Tuesday and had done her best all season! And the Travis contemporary dance that Legacy and Ellenore did? Holy crap! It was freakin' AMAZING! Ok...I digress. This is going to take a while for me to get over.
Now, on to the second order of business. The high for last night that helped to slightly ease my broken heart: Glee.

Last night's season finale had everything I could've hoped for! More new songs. Some news coming out that had been secret to at least one of the characters. (Not to mention that last weeks episode was also awesome in the secrets being revealed arena). And a perfect ending! Will and Emma kissed! Eeek! I squealed like a little girl and my husband just rolled his eyes and laughed.
I absolutely can't wait for the Spring season premiere!!
How about you? Did you happen to watch?


  1. Omg I feel your pain, I loved Legacy too, he was sooo sexy but soft spoken, he was so cute :( I'm sure he's going places though!

  2. Okay, as soon as tears stop flowing I will come back and reply... Speechless... =*[

  3. Well, I'm still not sure what to say... I mean, seriously, he's gone?! I just don't want to believe it. What a let down, for him I'm sure too. He even seemed a bit shocked. I think the married couple well, didn't do as well and that Legacy and Molly should have been in the finale. I just can't believe it! Legacy is definitely in my top 5. I'd say Travis is still my favorite, but that's because I used to do contemporary and he is just so awesome. But, Legacy is next fave, AWESOME!!! Even his final solo was AMAZING. I guess I'm still bummed... :(

    And, while Glee was amazing, it seems like sytycd stole some of my joy from it that should have been there. I still laughed a lot and was shocked at some awesome developments. I can't wait for it to come back. I can't believe we have to wait until Spring! What are we going to watch now?!

    I better go write a bit, I seem to be a bit worked up, LOL. Great Memorium (did I make that word up?) post! I love them, even though they are sad.

  4. OMG! I know! Wasnt Legacy's final solo awesome? bummed.