Thursday, May 28, 2009

Copy Cat Syndrome

Do you ever get the feeling as you read a book that you've seen those words somewhere else before? That it feels very familiar?

I do. In fact, there have been a few instances now in different books, both adult and YA, where I feel like I am reading part of my own manuscript. It's the same, but not quite exactly the same. And I know that I am reading these books after I've already written similar parts in my own manuscript, but no one else knows this. So now I am paranoid. What if I start querying agents and they notice similarities too? Or what if I do get published (maybe I should rephrase that to when I do get published) what if readers have read those other books and see the similarities and think I'm a rip off. So, I've got Copy Cat Syndrome now. Great. As if writing isn't hard enough already!

I guess the good news is that the book I am currently reading is very enjoyable to me. So, maybe that is a positive thing. Maybe my book is also good and will be enjoyable to someone else one day. The problem is, I am a pessimist. It's hard for me to find the brighter side sometimes. But, I refuse to let this deter me in any way. I'm going to keep writing. I should probably quit reading the genre that I am writing in, so I won't see these similarities and get discouraged, other problem - I can't stop reading. I adore that genre. This is my dilema. What's a girl to do?

Do you other aspiring or established writers out there feel the same way sometimes?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own

I guess it's time to come out of the closet and admit that I am an American Idol fan. There. Whew, I feel better. I haven't watched it every season. I watched last year and I watched this year. Maybe one or two other seasons as well.

But the finale to this season of American Idol is just unacceptable to me. I'm devastated. I love me some Adam Lambert. How is it even possible that the other little twirp even got into the finals? Not that the other guy (whose name I refuse to mention on my blog) was completely terrible or anything, but just nowhere near the singing genius of Adam.

So, now that the rest of my day is officially ruined, I've decided to follow Adam Savage of Mythbusters advice and am pretending that it never happened. I will substitute my own ending to season 9. Ha! Take that, American Idol!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Okay to be Stupid, Let's Just Not Abuse that Privilege...

I am having a stupid people day. You know, one of those days where you swear that just about every person you come in contact with is lacking in the brain area? Yeah...well, today is certainly one of those days. Not that I am brilliant or a rocket scientist, by any means. But, seriously? C'mon, People! I know working at McDonald's sucks, but it's not hard. Can't you understand the difference between crispy and grilled chicken? It's acceptable to screw up once in a while, but every time?! And, I know Mr/Mrs bank teller that your job is stressful, but you've seen me a million times, is it really that hard to give me my money? And you, Mr Man driving in front of me, do you seriously not know where to find your turn signal?
Ok, maybe I am just being too hard on the good citizens of America. I just had to bitch or I might just blow!
And here are two smart people that I agree with:
"Just think how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are even stupider!" --George Carlin
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've been shot!

Of course I haven't literally been shot. I'm referring to inspiration. Ever have one of those days where you wake up full of ideas and energy? A day where you think to yourself, wow, I could really get some writing done today.
Today is one of those days. For me, at least. But, guess what. I have to work a 10hr shift today. Yesterday was my day off. Why couldn't I have been hit with a bullet of inspiration yesterday? *sigh*
Maybe I can sneak a few lines in between customers and answering phones...
Sometimes I think my muse is toying with me.
What inspires you? When do you come up with your best ideas?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Producer or Procrastinator?

I'm the kind of girl who works best under pressure. Give me a deadline and I am going to wait up until just about the last moment to complete the work - because that's when I do my best.
But, when there's no actual pressure, no deadline, am I doing myself more harm than good by continually putting things off? And by things, I mean writing. Of course, the only person that I am "harming" here is me.
So, this brings me to my point...I've decided to officially make writing work. Even though I am not getting paid - yet - it is going to be another job for me. I will give myself deadlines to stick to and hold myself accountable for. Otherwise, I think I could be writing this first story forever! And as much as I love it and my characters, I don't want to be stingy. I want to share it. I can't wait to share it!! Plus, I have others that I want to tell. I've already begun working on another one.
Now, I know better than to have unrealistic expectations of myself. I am going to start small and work my way up to bigger goals. Wish me luck...
How do you work under pressure? What are your tricks to getting it done?
By the way, this lovely picture is the inside of a star nebula. A little inspiration to get going...and reach for the stars!

Mmm Mmm Good

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I saw it and thought it was a real product for a moment. It isn't. Thank goodness. I can imagine that there are probably people out there who would actually use this crap! Ew. It made me laugh first thing this morning, so maybe it will put everyone else in a chipper mood too...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Into the Wild and Then Back to Work

Since I haven't posted anything in a while, I thought I'd at least put something up today. I have no fabulous news about my book projects. No fabulous news about anything, to be precise. Same old boring stuff. I am in the middle of reading a long awaited book at the moment and havent had/made much time for anything else. I know that I probably shouldnt be reading much right now. I've got a book to write, dammit. But, I can't seem to stop myself. I have a mountain of books to read and not enough time to read them. I need two or three of me to get it all done!

One of these days I have to prioritize, though. Because writing is important to me. Right now I have a sick husband and a busy day job, so not much writing has gotten done this past week.

So, with all the swine flu and working and reading and procrastinating going on, I made time to watch a movie this weekend that I'd gotten from Netflix 2 weeks ago (yes, I am that person that has the movie that you want but hasnt returned it yet, so you have to keep waiting on it). I'd heard about this story but never really though much about it. If you havent seen this movie, do. It is really good. There are parts that make you happy. Parts that make you angry. Parts that are sad. And then there are the parts that really make you think. The kind of deep reflection where you wonder and question things about yourself and the kind of person you are. Anyway...It is based on a true story of a young man trying to find himself in the early 90's. If you don't know of the story, don't google it, just watch this movie first. You'll see why. I don't want to ruin anything. Sean Penn directed and I really do love Sean Penn's work!
Happy Monday! (total contradiction of words...blagh!)