Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things That Made Me Smile Today

Just a quick post to squee about a few things that make me smile.
Tonight was the finale of SYTYCD!! And, guess who was there dancing his little booty off? That's right! Legacy! But, really, the entire show was great - minus a few of those musical performances. It made me smile to get to see some of those awesome dances again.
I was excited that my 3 faves of the final 6 came to be the final 3. I was only slightly bummed that they won in reverse order for me. I really would've liked to see Kathryn or Jakob win it all, but Russell was just precious.
On to the second thing that made me smile today:
Thing Three:

A book that will be on next week's Look What the Book Fairy Left Me post; Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne.
Is there anything that made you smile today?


  1. How did I miss this?! I must have checked just before you posted it, because I specifically checked the next day after the finale to see what you had to say, lol. I totally agree with you on:
    thing 1: except that it made me sad. Legacy was awesome. But, I think America totally got the winner wrong. I can't stand when technical ability is overlooked. I know Russel is pretty good, but Jakob could out dance him any day and SHOULD have won. IMHO...
    thing 2: that trailer is AWESOME!!! It looks perfect, and that cat, oh my he is amazing, just as I would have wanted. They did a great job with this, cannot wait to see it!
    thing 3: while I don't have this book on my list yet, I did just order a couple of books that I'm extremely excited to get. They are Vampire Diaries 5, pre-ordered vampire diaries 6 along with Dark Guardians 4, AND, this one I'm really excited about it...DRACULA!!! I have not read this and feel that since I'm reading so many other vampire books, I should read this one, asap. I even got the new hardback version. Not to brag, just can't wait to get it. My Christmas present to myself. I also asked for 3 or 4 other vampire books for xmas too. :) While I'm not really in the Christmas spirit these days, vampire books will cheer me right up!

    Great post, fun things to make you smile and fun to hear about. :)

  2. ps. Look at you go with all those new followers, I think I hear 227 theme as I type this now! :)

  3. And...
    Thing 4: the vampire diaries show has had me smiling all week (marathon!) I  Stefan. That's a heart if it doesn't come thru, lol. **smiles**

  4. Hahaha! You crack me up! Yay for your new books. Congrats. I think "santa" is bringing me some more also! Oh, I'm a little jealous because I haven't read any of the new ones of Vampire Diaries yet. And, yes, Legacy was just adorable in all his awesomeness. I think Jakob was so much better technically as well. Sigh...

  5. Thanks. Sounds like you've gotten some good borrows lately too. I can't wait to hear about them. I wasn't going to read bk 5 of vampire diaries because I really liked the end of book 4, and you know how I like happy endings, lol. But, the show won me over and now I have to, ha ha. I'm hoping santa brings me some vampire books. :) I've had no willpower this week and bought way too many books. Eeeek! I can share, lol.