Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When It Just Feels Write

I had a bout of motivation this weekend, in keeping with my goals of a few weeks back...

I decided to set some goals and deadlines, if you will recall. So far, I've been doing horribly at sticking to them. That's the problem with self-set deadlines. You don't really have to meet them. No one cares but you. And so, I've been slacking. I mentioned before that I am a procrastinator. I do best when I am under pressure. But no one's pressuring me.

And so, I've done it. I've set a date as my personal deadline. I've decided that it would be pretty kick ass if I could at least complete a first draft, possibly even edited once or twice, and present this to my bestest friend for her birthday in December. Since she is one of my biggest supporters, I think it's pretty fitting. Now I've posted about it, so I might be held a little more accountable for these goals of mine.

Saturday, after working, I put aside the book I am reading in exchange for the computer. I pulled up the garbage I'd written as the beginning of my novel and began editing. It took until Sunday night (when I had to stop for the True Blood season premiere) to get thru chapter 3. But I did it! And it felt good. So, I am trying to keep myself on this motivation train. I even wrote some new material last night. If I can just keep myself doing something, no matter how much, every night, I might just get somewhere. I'm looking at what I'd written previously as my skeleton. Now I am going back in and tweaking and fleshing it out. I can already see a big difference. And I can't wait to do more! I am off tomorrow and have the entire day to write. Wish me luck...


  1. Good luck tomorrow, yea!!!
    I hope I'm on the short list of readers... :-)
    When I have one you'll be on mine too.
    Good job on the deadline, your bff is a lucky girl to have such a b-day gift!!
    Go & write, enjoy!

  2. Didnt get a lot accomplished. Unfortunately, days off mean errands and chores. Blagh! But I did come up with a new idea for my chapter 3 and the old chapter 3 gets bumped to chapter 4. I hope this will make the opening a little more exciting and entice people to want to read more. I'd like today off to write some more too! sigh