Monday, June 8, 2009

If You're Broken, I'll Fix You

Whew! Ok. Let me calm myself down long enough to type this post. But, damn!, he is sexy!

I thought I'd start the day off on the right foot. I listened to Rob Pattinson sing "I'll Be Your Lover Too" and "I Was Broken" as I drove into work. And it worked. Of course, I got all giggly and silly like a high school girl. Gushing about just how precious that Brit is. Maybe my opinion is a little biased...

But then I just had the biggest urge to turn the car around and go home and write! We all know that's not possible. So, here I sit, again, wanting to write but stuck at work. In fact, as I sit here typing this, I've been interrupted countless times. I take back my having a good day thing...

On to my point for the day! Have you ever listened to a song that made you just want to write? That inspired you to want to write a story around how that song came to be? It happens to me all the time. I hear a great or cute or funny song and I get inspired to write. Usually, if it's a song I really like, I think about how that song could fit into the soundtrack/playlist to my book. And what situation may actually be happening to my characters that would make that song relevant. I should add that I can't actually listen to music when I am writing - just before or after and sometimes I pause writing to listen and be reinspired!

I will start: my latest inspiration comes from poppy punk/alternative music. There are just so many precious little love songs. Since my novel has a definite love story tucked into it, this is the mind set I like to get into. And thanks to iTunes and Genius, I can buy individual songs (some I'd never heard of before) without having to buy the whole album!

Does music inspire your writing? What is your favorite writing music?


  1. Wow, he is absolutely HOT! AND, I've got to get a hold of those songs!!! I know they are out there, just not sure where to find. Did a search the other day on itunes and no dice. Is there a cd name I could look for???

    Okay as for writing and music: YES, it's a huge inspiration for me. I have some songs posted on my blog that just make me happy, some go with my short stories and some make me think of good stories to come. I most recently LOVE Fight the Current, just calming and full of real life stuff. I DO listen to music while I write mostly, sometimes I pause if I'm really into an idea, otherwise, music all the time. I don't like the quiet, I sometimes wonder if that's weird, but my mind just works better with some background music.

    Too bad we live so far away, we could totally have a little writing group... ah, one can dream. Too bad about work, I do know the feeling, I just happen to be off recouping, but that's how I felt a lot of the time, wanting to write instead of working...someday!

  2. Did you find those songs? I will send you info on fb about them...I will definitly check that band out that you mentioned. I dont think that it's weird that you need the noise to concentrate. I think I am wierd for needing total silence. Maybe I am ADD and get too distracted too easily. But I've had to tell my hubby that if he sees me with my notebook open to not speak, lest he distract me and make me lose my mojo AND my train of thought. Haha. I have no special writing place. I do all my stuff long hand and then transpose into the computer which is in our bedroom. This doesnt work well if I want to type at night when my husband wants to sleep. I'd hoped when we moved that I'd be able to have an office/writing room. sigh. Precisely why I want a Mac!! So I can go wherever I want to and type. But, so far writing long hand is easier to me than typing at first. That way I can have a jumbled mess on paper and sort it out later on the computer. This leads to me adding and changing, essentially editing, what once was a papery mess. Ha! I'm still working on sorting my things out and organizing it. I just have SO much. That should be a good thing, right? :)
    Have fun at the coast! And if either of our paths ever cross each other's way, we should definitly get together!