Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Progress is Still Progress

For the holiday, I had a four day weekend. I had big plans for that weekend. Big plans...
Why is it that big plans never work out?
See this precious little bunny with all the crumpled papers in the garbage? That's how I felt sitting in front of my computer this weekend. Blocked. Unable to complete those big plans.
My husband was out of town. I could've gotten so much accomplished. Alas, I did not. However, I did get half of a chapter written. And though half a chapter is nowhere near the goal that I had set for myself this weekend, it is something.
So YAY! for all of you out there who made a little progress. Be it 3 chapters or 3 pages - or half a chapter- a little progress is still progress. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work.


  1. Thank you! Take comfort knowing you got way more accomplished than me. I'm in the 3 page range, ha ha. I'll take what I can get right now. Good job to you too!!! Anything IS progress so well done. :-)

  2. So, since you shared a blog at www.justinelarbalestier.com (it seems I can't save as a link in this post, darn). I thought I'd share one even though I have only just started checking in on it and you may have seen it in my list of blogs. She is married to one of my favorite YA authors Scott Westerfeld so I find it interesting to see two YA authors married and both successful. Anywho, she has a new book coming out called Liar, which sounds interesting... thought you might like to check it out. Nothing intended by the title of couse. :-)

    Also, I feel a SYTYCD Phillip tribute post coming on... I'll check back for it later, so sad! :-(

  3. Ha! That is SO funny that you said something about a Phillip tribute post! I literally just got done posting it and then, in the midst of looking at my handy work, saw that I had another comment on this post. You already know me so well! :)
    And I thought that the fact that they are both writers and successful is very awesome! I have books by both of them now on my "wish" list. Which, btw, I think I mentioned has like over 300 bks on it...eesh. Better get published soon so I can afford all those books! Ha. Since I am the Queen List Maker, I recommend starting a "wish" list on your computer for future ref. I am even such a dork, that I keep a printed copy in my writing notebooks, which I carry w/me everywhere, so in the even that I just happen into a bookstore, I can pull out my handy dandy list. I had little scraps of paper and notes about bks I wanted everywhere. It got to be too much. Had to make an organized list. I'm a Virgo...what can I say?