Saturday, October 31, 2009

Le Chat Est Ma Coeur

Today is Halloween. My favorite holiday. But instead of being happy about all the fun Halloween usually brings, I am horribly sad. Today I lost the best kitty I've ever had. And although his name was Ivaan the Terrible, he was my favorite little buddy and not terrible in the least. It was sudden and unexpected. I don't know if that makes it harder or easier. Right now I just can't even breath.
I love you, Ivaan.


  1. I didn't see this until today. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I was thinking of you that day and how you said you love Halloween and how that wasn't fair. :(. I was sad to hear this. I was wondering where Ivann's name came from. Very cute. He sounds like a sweet boy. It is astounding how much they permeate our lives. I hope you find comfort in some way soon. Hard to imagine I'm sure. Take care & talk soon. ~S

  2. Well, I was 16 when I got him and it took a little while to think of a good name. He was pretty silly and rambunctious as a kitten and so I named him Ivaan the Terrible. (no clue why I wanted the extra "a" in there, but I did). He wasnt at all terrible, but the name just seemed to fit. When he was little I used to put him up on my shoulders, around my neck, and walk around with him all over the house - where ever I went. As he got older and bigger he still liked to hop up there. That is one of the things I am missing so badly right now. Every night when I'd come home from work, he was the first one to greet me, wanting me to pick him up over my shoulder. Ok, I'd better stop now or I'm going to cry again. Ugh. It really is amazing how much we love our pets. :(

  3. Aw, I've never had a kitty that let me do that. Precious. It sounds like the feeling was mutual, he loved you dearly too. Okay, I'm not gonna say more or I'm gonna start tearing up and I'm sure you don't need help with that. I feel for you and what you are going through though and know that I am thinking of ya! **hugs**