Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wuv, Twu Wuv

I went to bed broken hearted last night. But, is it true love for The Bachelorette's Jillian and Ed? It better be.

Last night's season finale held a surprise twist - Reid. He came back with an emotional profession of love, and to propose. Can I just say that I am devastated that she didn't choose him?

This appears to be a recurring theme, here. Reality TV, you've gone and done it again, you bastards! Suck me into these shows only to kick me right at the end of the last episode! I would say that, in protest, I'd quit watching - that's just how sad I feel for Reid - but I can't say that. I can say that if I wasn't married, I'd marry you, Reid, you precious little fella *sniffle*. Just ask my husband. He had to hear me pine all night and first thing this morning.

If it doesn't work out for Jillian and Ed - and I don't think it will, personally, because Ed can't just give up on his career that easily (let me add, lest everyone think I am completely anti-Ed, that between Kiptyn and Ed, I totally rooted for Ed) - will Reid still be ready to take her back?

I hope your heart gets better soon, Reid. :( I was rooting for you.

I think Jake's up as the next bachelor...

AND! On a lighter note, I did get some writing and typing done this weekend! Go, me!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH!!! I agree with you on so many points it's scary... I did NOT sleep well after this show...

    I can't say I'm surprise, because I'm not...
    It didn't seem like she was really in love with one particular person most of the way through this. She seemed sad when she let Reid go, and just because he wasn't fully ready to say out loud that he loved her and wanted to marry her! To me, that means he was even more serious about her... You could just tell by looking at him and how he looked at her that he felt that way. Oh, man, did she pick wrong.

    I'm sorry, but I was not a fan of Ed at all. Two red flags; him leaving her, and the not-so-romantic first night (eeek!). Just because he said he loved her and wanted to be with her and the others didn't say as fast, doesn't mean he's the best pick. It didn't seem like their connection was really any deeper than that. Not to mention, his little green swim trunks were not cute. Ha! Yes, he was tall, dark and handsome, but that's it... My husband (yes he watched, it was our anniversary, ha!) even said that it wouldn't last...

    Oh, Reid... I kept saying, Pick Reid! Pick Reid! Pick Reid! He was my favorite ever since they did fondue and he didn't really like it, but he did it anyway for her. Too cute! And, if she was really over him, would she have stood up there with him, holding him, for that long?! I think not. She just went with her decision before he came and didn't consider that this was the real deal decision she should have made. And when she walked him back he looked at her and said it just doesn't make sense... that is the same thing Molly said to Jason and the moment I knew that he knew he had picked wrong when he looked at her... OMG! And your question is a really good one; will Reid be there when it doesn't work out?

    Yes, they drag us into these shows full of drama, break our hearts, no one ends up with whom they should and then repeat... I guess I'll keep watching the train wrecks, but REID is by far my biggest crush and crash... ;-(

    I'd love to see Reid be the next bachelor, but I think you may be right, that Jake will be next. He was my first thought before Reid... oh Reid... :-/

    Congrats on your writing, very good steps indeed!!!

  2. Oh, Shauna. Yes, we agree SO much on this topic. Reid. Poor Reid. I am so in love with that little guy. He is so sweet and precious! It makes me angry that she broke his little heart. I think it just proves how much he was into her by the fact that he came back and ADMITTED he'd made a mistake by not opening up more AND he proposed!! But he even said it was because of the cameras and that this type of thing just isnt his world. Awwww! I really really am devastated. Seriously. I wanted to cry last night. And my husband watched too. He was mad. Between Kiptyn (awful name, and those ears!) and Ed (gross shorts and no muscle tone, I mean, c'mon! haha), I preferred Ed. I mean, who never gets their heart broken EVER? Seriously, Kiptyn? But Ed...oh Ed. He will never be able to really leave work behind. When it comes down to it, his career is what is important to him. I think him telling her he loved her the way he did was so fake! I just knew that after that bad date she'd drop him. Ugh! I also didnt sleep well last night. It was horrible. I woke up and that's the first thing I thought about. Does that sound too stalkerish? :) I really hope that she sees the err of her ways and pulls a Jason. She's gotta come back for Reid. I dont think he'd come back as the bachelor just bcuz he hates the cameras and the spotlight so much (not to mention that she's ruined him for God knows how long). He never really felt comfortable, you could tell he was shy about it. Hmph. Im so upset. I'll be dwelling on this for days! Days, I tell ya! My husband is already sick of me walking around saying "Oh, Reid!". He really is my biggest reality tv crush. He's so dang cute! I just dont understand how she could hold onto him the way she did and then let him go! Ok...I guess I'm going to try to think about something else for a little while.