Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonderful Booky Things...and a Hand

Did you ever have a book that you absoutely loved as a child? Not a book as famous as something like Alice in Wonderland or Green Eggs and Ham, but one that perhaps was a little more subtle in it's popularity. I loved to read, even as a kid. There are several books that come to mind that made enough of an impression on me then that I still think about them to this day. In fact, there is one in particular that I've been thinking about a lot lately.
The strange part? Well, apparently the author of said book is a client at the office where I work. I knew he was a writer. I didn't know he was that writer! I guess my childhood memory only goes so far. I remember the book titles and what they are about (mostly) and I remember loving them, but I didn't always remember the author's name. This is one of those cases.
Now I'm getting to the good part. He was in the office yesterday. This is a small office of four employees. I've spoken to him many times during the years that I've worked there. Never about books. My boss just so happened to mention to him that I am working on a kid's series and a YA novel. And he just so happened to want to talk with me. He told me that when he was just starting out, he had the pleasure to meet a very wealthy and well respected children's mystery writer. One day, the writer sat him down and told him he'd like to extend a hand and help in any way possible on his journey to get published. He worked for this writer for a time. And the writer did indeed help him. He went on to publish 13 children's books of his own and won countless awards, including a Newberry book award! He too had become a well respected children's writer.
He looked at me once he was done telling his story and he held out his hand, "This is me extending my hand."
I couldn't believe it. This wonderful man, and wonderful author, was offering me something I never imagined. Advice. Help. Anything I needed. He was confident in me even though he'd never read a word I'd written. He was giving me a chance.
I was, and am, deeply touched by this. So, what did I do? I cried.
I'm still grinning like an idiot...


  1. Congratulations!!! I know I told you over texts, but I wanted to post before I go to bed, and yes I'm up wayyy too late, but I had to say congrats. I'm so very happy for you!!! I teared up a bit just thinking about this and that this is THE MOMENT that you've been waiting for! And I send you my best wishes and hopes and dreams for you and that you keep writing and go for it!!! =*} I have a friend that I went to school with growing up who works in publishing and said whenever I'm done with my wip to send it and he'd show it and do you know that it scared me to death! I don't think I've even posted about it yet, ha! Mostly because I've been so busy and that was just recently and I hadn't even connected it until he said it. So, anyway, I want you to keep writing! And go for it and grab that hand and don't let go because you have prepped for this your entire life and are ready and I'm so happy for you! So, congratulations!!! And, I didn't share my fears to scare you, just to say, don't do what I did and go and hide, LOL. :) You will do great things, and so excited for you! And, we will both submit our WIPs!!! I can't wait for this for you! Very exciting book-y news!!!!!! Wow! Man, you guys have some cool writer clients at work too. :)

  2. We have a lot of interesting people who are clients here! Even a few Hollywood actors who own homes in Asheville. Very neat. Most of them are so down to earth and nice too.
    Thanks so much for the congrats. I am very excited that I have moved at least one tiny baby step closer! Yay for you having a friend in publishing. That is very handy, indeed! I can't wait for more of your WIP, btw. And thanks for reading mine (no pressure, whenever you have time since I took foreva to send yours back to you! plus you've had a lot going on). I hope to get some more accomplished this weekend ;)