Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Favorite Character Meme

Jen over at The Introverted Reader has started a new meme where we can all swoon over our favorite characters. This is going to be so much fun! Check out the details on her page. But just to give you a quick taste, here's how she described it:
We all have characters we love. Let's spotlight these fantastic creations! Whether you want to be friends with them or you have a full-blown crush on them, you know you love them and want everyone else to love them too!

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

This week's favorite book crush is Patch from the fabulous book, Hush, Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick's debut novel. Doesn't seeing this gorgeous cover just make you want to pick up this book? One of my favorite reads so far this year. I can't wait for the next installment, Crescendo, due out this November! Something about guys with tortured pasts...I just love them and want to fix their little broken hearts. You absolutely must add this to your TBR pile if you haven't already!


  1. I have this on my nightstand waiting to be read. That cover is just gorgeous.

    Thanks for posting a Character Connection!

  2. Love this book, and Patch and can't wait for Crescendo!!! I posted about this on VampChix for angels week, but I didn't want to say to much because this one part of the fun is finding out about who Patch is!!! Oh, and he is awesome!!! I remember when you were reading this and said I HAD to read it and you were right, thanks so much, it's a great read!!! Awesome Meme too, love it!!! Sorry I'm belated, busy week, but great job! :) And nice to find the Introverted Reader from the blog conference too! (Hi Jennifer! It's fun to see you on Twitter too. =] )

    Have a great rest of the week! ~Shauna