Friday, September 11, 2009

I Thought the Past Was Dead and Gone, But I Was Wrong...

Yesterday, a new show premiered on the CW network - The Vampire Diaries. I am both a little giddy and a little unnerved. Let me explain:
As a young teen, when The Vampire Diaries trilogy first came out, I was obsessed. I read these books probably 3 or 4 times, if not more. I couldnt get enough. I even dressed up as the main character, Elena, for Halloween. Well, sorta. Let's just say my costume was inspired by events from the books. So, understandably, I am pretty excited to see the books that inspired me to read more and want to be a writer brought to life from the page.
But, at the same time, I am a little bothered.
First off, Elena's supposed to be a blue eyed blonde. Is there a problem making her character believeable on tv if she's a blue eyed blonde? I don't get the purpose in completely changing how she looks. Strike one.
Secondly, they've given her a cell phone and a brother. Ok, ok. The cell phone I get. We have to modernize it to fit in with today's teens. When I kid, we all survived just fine without them - but that's ok, give the girl a cell phone. The brother though? Seriously? What's up with that? Maybe this will broaden her character more, having a little brother? Maybe this will allow for more action and excitement? Who knows. Doesn't make sense. Strike two.
Thirdly, Elena's best friend, Bonnie...In the books, if I remember correctly, Bonnie was a petite, bouncy strawberry blonde. In the show? They've made her a cute black girl. I am not at all prejudiced. But seriously? What the hell? Not only that, but they've juiced up her "psychic" abilities. Again, I am guessing this makes for a more interesting show somewhere down the line. Yeah? Well, strike three.
And despite the three strikes, I am still going to watch. Despite all the little discrepancies, I am probably going to be a fan. Sure, at this point, I am a little old to be watching a teen show. But I dont care. There's a vampire craze going on, and I've been part of it for the last 17 years. These were THE books for me growing up. (And by the way, apparently not only have they re-released these books, but she's written more to continue the series! the first "new" one to the series came out in Feb '09, and the second comes out Feb '10) So, YAY for vampires and YAY for the past being undead!! I can't wait for next Thursday...


  1. Wow, sounds good! I guess this for sure adds another series to my wanna reads list! Now that you've seen it, do you still say read the book first? I'm guessing yes, because that's what I usually tell people too. :-) That is a bummer about the actors not quite fitting the type in the book. Cell phones I get! I didn't know they had new ones coming out too. Wow! I'm so glad you liked it since it goes back to childhood, that's awesome! I had a similar experience of nostalgia when they made the new Curious George movie, LOL. I have all the little books and our German shorthair is named Curious Georgia May, ha ha. Not quite the same, but anyway, still fun. Well, happy reading, writing and now watching!!!

  2. Yay! It comes on again tonight and I am all set to watch. I will keep you posted. Yes, as always, I say read first, then watch. I will have to re-read the series again myself. My bff started to read it again about a yr or so ago and said it isnt quite as cool as it used to seem. I still want to re-read it. Especially now that there is a new one to the set and another new one coming! I cant even remember how the original 4 ended! Haha. But, I am over it already. I will watch it no matter the annoyances. Sookie is the same way. They've changed some of the characters looks/ethnicities and changed a LOT of the story line to the point where the show is VERY loosely based on the novels. But I watch anyway. Although, season 3 better be good, bcuz season 2 kind of sucked. In defense of that, books 1 and 2 werent my faves. Book 3 and 4 is where it started to get good. Anywho...I am a little over half way thru w/Catching Fire and I am LOVING it! It is exciting and action packed just like Hunger Games. I hate that I have to wait for the conclusion next year! Argh! I hope to get some blog work caught up next week while I am off! We shall see how that goes for me! :)

  3. Wow, so many books to read!!! I haven't even started Catching Fire and dint know there will be a third. I hatethe extension of drama sometimes. I like starting a series late in the game, but lately I'm on first and second books, eeeek! I have 3 "2nd" books lined up to read as soon as I finish Acacia (hopefully this week!). HoN 5 with Stark was cool and atleast we dont have to wait too long for the next one. I hope that one doesn't leave us hanging like 5 did. 1-4 seemed to end whatever main story but 5 did not, bugger! Anyway, i hope you got some book reading, writing and TV watching done on your week off. I'll try not to bug ya too much, lol! Take care, slk