Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dream On

I woke up this morning to my husband giving me the cold shoulder. "What's up with you? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" I asked.
His answer made me laugh despite myself. (I certainly didn't want to piss him off anymore than whatever I had "allegedly" done obviously had.)
His answer: He'd had a bad dream about me. I'd left him for another man and had broken his heart and laughed about it...
I am all for trying to understand your dreams and think perhaps they have hidden meanings or are trying to tell us something at times. But I have to say, this is silly! To be mad/upset about something that very obviously didn't happen in real life? So, I just had to laugh it off.
For me, especially lately, I've been having some crazy dreams. I think the big difference for me is that most of the dreams that I can remember are pretty far fetched, so I don't necessarily let them affect me. Sure, there are times that I wake up emotional about what I've dreamed about, but this usually leads to me having to write things down and has given me some good ideas. I will most definitley be using some of these ideas for my books and stories.
How about you? What do your dreams mean to you? Do you ever come up with awesome ideas this way?


  1. I have been on the other side of that dream, where I was the one dreaming; something weird that I did or my husband did... and it feels like it really happened when I wake up! Weird... Probably can't blame anyone though for their dreams. ;-) Maybe I can use them as ideas too. I hear that's how Twilight began (from a dream)! So yes, Dream on!!!

  2. P.s. By the way, I'm not actually up at 4:07 AM, that is 1:07 AM my time. I guess either way, I'm up too late, ha!

  3. It's ok if you are up at 1:07 am. Maybe you were writing?...Haha, probably not!
    I've had some crazy dreams too, but I don't know that I've ever woken up mad from one.
    But this new project I just started is actually coming from a series of dreams that I had not that long ago and started writing down about this girl. It doesnt happen often (that I remember) that I dream about the same made up person, but for some reason these dreams I remembered. Anyway, maybe this one will move along faster than my first that seems to be taking FOREVER! That's how it feels to me anyway. Stephenie Meyer wrote Twiling in like 3 months! I am so envious. I work 2 jobs so I feel like I never have enough time to write.

  4. Um...yes? If blogging about reading and writing counts, then yes... ha! No, but I hope to tonight and am for sure tomorrow! I need to get going, I'm so excited about it, but I need to buckle down and write!!! It sounds like you are almost there on the first one, that's awesome! And, to have another one started; that’s very cool. I'm brushing up my short stories and then maybe I'll start on a book... (Or expand my short stories or start a new one!) I just need to take the plunge and do it! I know when I heard she wrote and published Twilight in 6 months...yea, amazing!!! But I also remind myself that she got pointers from Janet Evanovich's site, who it took 10 years until she was published, that it is not the norm. So I'm thinking somewhere in between 6 months and 10 years is a good goal, ha! ;-) It's good to hear from someone else who is working other jobs and writing, I'm still working on that balance too, it's all still so new to me, but I need to just WRITE!!! I haven't decided on long hand versus computer, I usually start long hand then get into the computer before finishing. Hmm...maybe I'll report back on how I did over the weekend. (Motivation!) Good luck to you too!

    (Wow, I have a lot of exclamation points in here, very excited I guess...) Take care.

  5. Hi, how are you? How's writing? I did write last week like I planned, but this week has been a little dry... hoping for good things tomorrow! Also, I was wondering, are you on Facebook or myspace? I was thinking we could chat that way too. Or exchange emails if you're interested. Just some ideas. I hope the writing is going well! I have lots to blog about and am revising my short stories in the next couple of weeks. I also bought more books today; so many that I want to read and not enough time! Have a nice rest of the weekend! ~Shauna